I’d like to express my gratitude to CFT. You’ve taught me so much about wealth building and controlling risks to reach my retirement goals. You’ve changed my mindset and opened up amazing opportunities for me. My future is exciting.

Linda Lai

The ONE LIE That Held Me Back From Building Passive Income

Mike Tyson said it best. “Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Take a second and think about your financial plan and the last time you were punched in the face. For me, that came in 2008. My 401(k) dropped like a rock until it bottomed out at a 60% loss. I felt like I was starting over. I’ll never forget how hopeless I felt as I watched my balance tumble lower and lower.  Over and over I reflected on the one lie that held me back from building passive income.

I felt angry…

lied to…

in retrospect this was one of the BEST experiences I have ever had.

Through it I vowed that I would never again be in a position where I was hopeless and out of options again. As I searched for a financial path that helped me create Financial Freedom, I was surprised at what I found. Through a lot of research and personal application I found that ALL Typical Financial Strategies do not work not to mention 97% of them are either downright wrong or dangerous.

Before doing business with CFT I probed them to find out what their core values are and how they deal with people. I came to the conclusion that these two have integrity and they take my financial goals seriously.

Jason Jenkins

Why don’t traditional financial strategies work?

They are built on one singular lie that Wall Street and Typical Finance NEED you to believe in order for you to continue to trust them with your hard earned money.

Even after I woke up and realized that Wall Street could never get me what I wanted and that I needed to be focused on building cash flow, not amassing a net worth, THIS ONE LIE continued to hold me back.

It took me 10 years, thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars invested in courses and coaches, and countless attempts at trial and error to discover it.

Before I uncovered this lie, I felt like my plan was not taking me where I wanted to go.

I felt like every time I moved a step forward, I took two steps back.

It was as though success was something outside of my control, that all I could do was to hope and pray things would work out.

I was never sure if the actions I was taking were moving me closer to my objective.

Worse, I had no way of knowing if if I was making progress toward my objective.

Here are my questions for you:

Is your financial plan working?

Is your financial plan giving you RESULTS?

If not, consider the possibility that you need a new path.

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