I’d like to express my gratitude to CFT. You’ve taught me so much about wealth building and controlling risks to reach my retirement goals. You’ve changed my mindset and opened up amazing opportunities for me. My future is exciting.

Linda Lai

Why Financial Freedom?

What is the importance behind the message of Cash Flow Tactics?  Why financial freedom? For me this is so critically important and to understand what this is all about I’ll give you a little background and a glimpse into the day I realized I had to do something fundamentally different. Like so many people…

I went to school and got a good job.

I started to climb the corporate ladder.

But with every climb of the corporate ladder I felt I was losing everything I’d thought I’d gain in the process.

Slowly without even knowing it, I was losing connection with my family because I traveled and worked so much.

And I wasn’t there when they needed me the most.

Never will I forget the day my world was rocked.  I was living in a different state than my family and my wife calls to tell me that my oldest son was going to need open heart surgery.  I wasn’t even in the same state. That for me woke me up to the possibility that everything I thought I was working for I was losing in the path.

Cash Flow Tactics is here to help you do something critical.

We all have the gift of life and we are all free to choose how to live that life.  The idea of the pursuit of happiness gets lost because we spend so much of our time, life, freedom choosing to work for money.  Choosing to run the rat race. choosing to give the best years of our life to an employer.  and we hope that one day at the yellow brick road we’ll have “enough money” to gain everything back and ultimately pursue happiness in retirement.

Happiness is in front of you.  It’s right now.  The reason we created Cash Flow Tactics is to give you the permission to use your time in the best possible way for you.

We Get Lost:

We get lost in the days, weeks, months  and years and one day we wake up and wonder where all the time went. There is a great analogy I remember to make it tangible.  So let’s imagine for a moment a jar of marbles – and attach a specific experience to them – let’s say each marble represents the amount of summers that remain until your youngest kid is 18 or the number of Saturdays before your kids are out of the house.  You could pull one out every labor day or every Saturday before you went to bed.  Suddenly, maybe, one day you will realize to stop and enjoy every day of summer or every Saturday.  We rarely stop in the monotony of life to appreciate the days we have.  We are programmed to follow one trajectory.

Create a Plan to Be Present:

Let’s take for example the story of the famous award-winning violinist Joshua Bell.  He made his Carnegie Hall debut at age 17 and packed concert halls as a young adult with people paying thousands for a chance to listen to his repertoire.  The halls were full of raw emotion as spectators wept at the sound of the music.  He conducted an experiment and put on a baseball cap and played at a subway stop in Washington DC during rush hour. Of the 1,097 people who passed by only seven people stopped.  He was playing to what seemed to be a crowd of zombies going from point A to point B with little to no interest in the world that surrounded them and no idea they were in the presence of one of the best musicians the world has known.

We at Cash Flow Tactics think well beyond finance and numbers.  I want you to take control of your circumstances so you can be present when your attention is needed most.  Of all those people getting on the train, we want you to be one of the seven who stop in complete awe of the sound of music.  Open your eyes to the gift you have of life and the people around you.  It starts with making better choices and eliminating the noise.