I’d like to express my gratitude to CFT. You’ve taught me so much about wealth building and controlling risks to reach my retirement goals. You’ve changed my mindset and opened up amazing opportunities for me. My future is exciting.

Linda Lai

How to Buy Back Your Time

Money is just a tool.  

It’s a matter of how we use that tool of how we build a life that we love.  

Money is just an avenue to apply a principle. We believe that money can be used to buy back your time and build a life of true wealth that is encompassed in these four different areas.

  • Physical
  • Spiritual
  • Emotional
  • Mental

The physical part of our wealth is how we feel physically.  Our body, like money, is the tool. It is the tool with which we experience life and is one of the most important points of balance you can have in life.  

When we are healthy we can do anything and when we aren’t it can deteriorate our well-being as a whole.

Each one of these four areas on their own has an undeniable contribution to who we are and how we fulfill our purpose in life.

The average person spends over 9 hours a day thinking about, pursuing, stressing, and worrying about what?


We as humans want to expand in all areas – physical, spiritual, emotional, mental – but as we pursue money it crowds out the rest.  We spend hours a day neglecting our physical well being. Hours are dedicated to stressing about chasing dollars all the while chipping away at our mental and emotional health.  We lose connection with our faith and spiritual well-being as we fall deeper into the rat race.

What’s Your Price?

If you were given a blank check that you could fill out with any number of 0’s on it and cash it in exchange for one of the four areas that creates true wealth – physical, spiritual, emotional, or mental –  which area would you choose.

Would you sacrifice your spiritual health?

Would you sacrifice your physical health?

Chances are you would decline cashing in your emotional well-being for dollars. Yet every day, millions of Americans do just that and set aside their most precious and scarce resource to chase dollars.

Our Number One Resource

The number one resource we have in life is time.  As humans we think we are invincible and we have an infinite amount of time but every now and again we have a reality check.  

We come face to face with an experience that tells us our time is limited. Our time is finite. It’s measurable. The more time we spend chasing the almighty dollar, we take time away from our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental.  

We are taught to tirelessly exert all our energies for money while simultaneously getting farther and farther away from the goal of REAL WEALTH.

Never before has there been a step-by-step strategy to put in place to achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less and tactically buy back your valuable time…until now…

When I talk about Cash Flow Tactics and the strategy  we created – It’s how we use our most precious and scarce resource *time* to achieve and live the life that we love.  The live we are designed to live.


“How To Be Financially Free In 10 Years Of Less Regardless Of Your Age, Income, Or Experience!”

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