$17,000 per Month in CashFlow After 7 Short Years

May 10, 2021

$17,000 per Month in CashFlow After 7 Short Years

Brad and Ryan talk to one of CashFlow Tactics originals, Scott Everhart, about how he went from nothing to $17,000 a month in 7 short years.

A lot of things can happen in seven years. You can finish your education. Get a job. Marry. Have a child. Oh, and you can come up with a Game Plan, implement it, and become financially free. That’s what Scott Everhart did. 

We met Scott way back in 2015. Even before that, he was an extremely hard-working individual. By corporate standards, he was a success.

Scott had some money. He had a sizable amount of assets. And he had a 401(k). But he wanted something different. Something more. That’s when he came across the Vault. And, the Vault led him to us. We’ve been working together ever since. 

He quickly devised his Game Plan. Seven years later, Scott’s Vault is fully financed and he’s making $17,000 per month. How did he manage to do all of this in such a short amount of time?

From his real estate investments to how he achieved financial freedom in just 7 years, we discuss everything. 

DISCLAIMER: During the recording of the interview, we experienced some technical problems. We apologize for the sound quality in the last 10 minutes of the podcast.

Key Takeaways 

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • How Scott came across the Vault back in 2015 (01:44)
  • What motivated Scott to start working towards Financial Freedom (05:29)
  • How Scott fully funded his vault in just seven years (09:04)
  • What originally drew Scott to Real Estate (12:22)
  • When did Scott realize that his Game Plan started working (16:27)
  • What’s Scott been up to in the last couple of years (20:37)
  • How asset-backed lending became a part of Scott’s plan (24:52)
  • What did Scott’s wife react to all of the financial moves he made (29:13)
  • What exactly does Financial Freedom mean to Scott Everhart (34:31)
  • Closing thoughts (38:57)

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