90 Day Game Plan To Financial Freedom

April 13, 2020

In order to get moving towards financial freedom, you need to know where you’re at, what you want, and how to get there. Inside of a game plan we answer all of those questions and we get our Empire Builders moving in that direction. Financial Freedom sounds like an ambitious goal but it’s not too hard if you stay disciplined to your game plan and continue to RISE UP every 90 days.

Last week we discussed establishing a strike number. If you’ve listened to that episode then you know it’s the first step in developing your game plan. But you may be wondering what a game plan even is or how it should look. In a great game plan we take every Empire Builder and we show them a system and a process.

Unlike traditional financial advice or what we call Goldfish Advisors, this method is all about accountability. We believe that everyone should have a clear understanding of where they’re headed and take an active approach every step of the way. That’s why we’ve created a unique roadmap to becoming financially free based on 90 day targets.

One of the biggest issues people face when seeking financial freedom is clarity. They aren’t clear on what winning looks like. When you have a plan that is broken down into manageable and concise fragments it enables you to move in confidence with the understanding that you’ll hit your goals and continue to move forward.

Clarity is the currency of you becoming financially free – Ryan D. Lee

Four Tactical Elements to Our Game Plan

The purpose of breaking down a game plan into 90 day segments is to empower you with the knowledge that your goals are within reach. Your plan is established once we confirm where you’re at, where you want to go, and then applying the Financial Freedom formula.

When we begin to build a game plan we first break it down into what we call the four Ps.

  1. The Possibility
  2. The Problem
  3. The Present
  4. The Path

Each P highlights a necessary component that allows your plan to be successful. We start with the possibility of becoming financially free. You can’t implement a game plan if you don’t believe in its potential. Most people have these lofty ideas regarding financial freedom. It is something they dream about and wish for but oftentimes don’t really believe is attainable.

That’s why we stress the importance of 90 day targets. In 90 days anyone can identify a problem, figure out a solution, and charge ahead in solving it. This brings us to the next P, the Problem. It symbolizes all of the things that are keeping you from financial freedom. We identify the problem and fix it.

When we engage with the Present we dive into the reality of your financial life. There are three elements to this:

  1. Understanding what the facts are of your current financial situation
  2. Taking the future and bringing it into the present and starting to line up your targets
  3. Figuring out what you need to do between now and 90 days to make the biggest impact.

If you want to clear yourself on a path to becoming financially free then you have to align yourself with principles that actually work. Once you understand the principles the game plan becomes easy and you start to gain momentum.

The Cult of the Average

If you want extraordinary results, rise up and do the opposite of what others are doing. – Ryan D. Lee

The journey to financial freedom never begins in your comfort zone. The process of identifying the four Ps in your own life can be difficult and at times, uncomfortable. This is because it takes keen awareness of where you’re at currently in order to move ahead. Unlike more traditional financial methods, you will be a very active participant on your path to wealth.

It takes a leap of faith to do what we’re doing. As we say, normal will never get you what you want. You have to take extraordinary action to achieve spectacular results. We believe setting a 90 day game plan helps to eliminate some of the anxiety that can come with going against the grain.

What Are The Next Steps?

The next 90 days have the potential of completely changing your life. It is time to get into the game! If you’re wondering what to do next then we urge you to head over our Facebook group, Cashflow Tactics. If you want to get a taste of what we’re all about we have a FREE 5-day Cashflow Tactics Challenge that will help jumpstart your first 90 day target. It will give you a glimpse of where you’re at and where you can go. Are you ready to Rise Up and Live Free?

Becoming financially free is a lifestyle not a destination – Ryan D. Lee