Develop a Championship MINDSET with Jake Kelfer

October 14, 2021

Develop a Championship MINDSET with Jake Kelfer

In today’s episode, Ryan shares the remarkable story of Jake Kelfer on how to develop a championship mindset.

Jake is someone Ryan recently came in contact with, and while he doesn’t usually do interviews with people he has just barely met, once Ryan got to know Jake and what he was up to, he had to bring him on the show. 

Why? Because he elevates people to achieve their definition of success and happiness by taking massive action. As you know, the critical piece to anyone’s Game Plan is taking massive action. At the same time, Jake helps you invest in relationships and have fun along the way.

So join us on this interview, where we dive into:

  • Jake’s interesting backstory
  • Where he started and why he became an author
  • How you can learn some lessons to elevate and excel your Game Plan and your life

So guys, join us on the podcast, and let’s dive right in.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • The Elevated Entrepreneur book is coming soon (2:46)
  • What is success for Jake Kelfer? (4:14)
  • Where did this journey begin for you? (7:48)
  • Is there ever a time when you’ve won, and it’s time to stop? (15:30)
  • Jake’s number-one piece of advice for someone looking for financial success (26:07)

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