Don’t Mistake an Unmet Expectation for a Loss

April 29, 2021

Don't Mistake an Unmet Expectation for a Loss

Jimmy and Ryan discuss the differences between unmet expectations and losses. Some people quit after their first loss, while others find other earning opportunities after.

A lot of people get into the game of real estate investing and financial planning with the expectations of getting a consistent year-over-year return. Most people start thinking about making new investments with the money they’ll earn from those returns.

When this doesn’t happen, and the investment falls through, people start panicking.

They had expectations. Their expectations weren’t met. They think they can’t make new investments. That’s why they feel they’ve lost a lot of money.

But is that the case? Have you really lost money? Should this discourage you that much? Listen to our latest episode to find out.

Key Takeaways 

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Unmet expectations are not losses (01:58)
  • Jimmy’s and Ryan’s previous career and medical sales stories (05:37)
  • What separates the winners from the quitters (09:22)
  • Ryan’s investment career, expectations, and setbacks (13:35)
  • Your unmet expectations are stories you tell yourself (18:57)
  • How Ryan and his brother bought a piece of real estate in Arizona (28:05)
  • Why you need to learn to handle real losses (32:14)
  • Closing thoughts (35:03)

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