How Setting Small Targets Helps You Achieve More

August 12, 2021

How Setting Small Targets Helps You Achieve More

In this episode, Ryan and Jimmy discuss 90-day Targets and the importance and impact of focusing on small goals first.

At Cashflow Tactics, we don’t simply do traditional (average) finance better: we do the exact opposite. The number one thing that sets us apart is the idea of taking an active role in your personal finances. Based on this, we encourage you to set 90-day Targets inside of your Game Plan. 

These targets are small but achievable action steps, and when you consistently set and hit targets, you start to experience financial momentum, and you bring the dream of Financial Freedom into the present.

We don’t tell you to follow a “turn-off-your-brain” approach for 40 years or let us manage your assets for 30 years. Financial freedom requires you to be engaged.

Join us to discuss how winning in the short term will help your brain get ready to help you achieve your highest freedom goals.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Why we do the exact opposite than financial planners (5:15)
  • The reason behind for 90-day targets (16:09)
  • Successful Cashflow Tactics members have this in common (18:32)
  • We overestimate and underestimate what we can accomplish (23:24)
  • You can use transfer these tactics to any aspect of your life (34:43)

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