How Your Network Can Impact Your Life with Chelsey & Stephen Diaz

November 29, 2021

How Your Network Can Impact Your Life with Chelsey & Stephen Diaz

In this episode, Ryan is joined by fellow entrepreneurs Steven and Chelsey, the founders of Rainmaker, who help moms to launch their first Amazon business.

Steven and Chelsey will tell their story from marrying young, working long hours in the wedding industry with an unpredictable flow of clients, to starting their own Amazon business reaching multiple six figures in just a matter of months – leaving them more time and money to raise their family together.

In this episode, they share with you how your network can make or break your business, why failure was the key to their success, and what you can apply to your own career.

Financial freedom in 10 years or less isn’t easy, but like Steven and Chelsey show, anyone who is willing to invest in themselves and develop their network will be rewarded. We hope that their inspiring story encourages and inspires you to take control of your future!

Key Takeaways:

  • Intro (00:00)
  • When did you reach the ‘breaking point’ in the wedding industry? (01:58)
  • How did Amazon change the path of your business? (04:43)
  • How has experimenting been so important? (09:57)
  • What tools have you used to simplify your process? (10:40)
  • Is Amazon saturated? (13:24)
  • Why did you decide to start helping moms? (15:25)

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