Inflation Training – Part 2: Secrets 1 & 2

June 3, 2021

inflation training secrets

In this episode, Brad and Jimmy discuss why the current economic climate is causing inflation to rise at such rapid rates and why the “old” way of protecting against it no longer works.

By using Robinson Crusoe’s story as the base, they demystify inflation with a simple, yet comprehensive analogy of how the economy works.

If you have ever wanted to understand inflation and how to use it in your favor, this is your best chance.

The analogy of a lost island where coconuts are used as a currency soon turns into a mind-opening explanation that puts things like inflation, money printing, assets, taxed income, and wealth creation in a new perspective – one that benefits you and that everyone can understand.

Remember, don’t get sold on ideas that just scratch the surface. Here you will learn why inflation has created a massive opportunity to create wealth and the step-by-step outline to take advantage of it.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • The “Robinson Crusoe” economy analogy (4:25)
  • Printing, printing, and printing money (10:46)
  • How do inflation and money printing affect us? (14:28)
  • Don’t be fooled by appearances (21:09)
  • We are going to win because of inflation (24:51)

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