Power In Proximity

October 19, 2021

Power In Proximity

In this episode, Ryan discusses the power in your associations and a three-step framework to begin auditing and editing your associations.

The episode starts with a brief recap of RISE UP Live and why you should be there at all costs.

Right after, Ryan discusses the power of a network and, more specifically, those three steps that you can take to begin auditing and assessing your network. Why is this important? Because there is true power in the power of proximity.

If you want more, you need to start expecting more out of yourself, expecting more out of your network, and expecting more out of your associations.

Because there is so much power in association, there’s also disempowerment in your associations. It’s just a matter of what side of that stick you’re going to stand on. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • RISE UP Live 2021 recap (1:06)
  • You must have a vision and a purpose to get started (12:26)
  • Measure people in your life based on your principles (13:45)
  • Find a tribe that shares some of your preferences and hobbies (15:23)
  • Should you cut some people out of your life? (20:43)

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