The 4 Principles of Wealth Part 1 – Produce

March 19, 2020

Today’s episode is a deep dive into the first piece of the CashFlow Tactics framework. In one of the previous episodes of the Rise Up Live Free Podcast, we got an overview of the financial freedom formula. The first part of that formula, also known as the Core 4, refers to the four foundational principles of wealth.

Over the next several episodes, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad will break down each of these core principles and the first one sets the stage for the other three.

By producing value you are able to make money and gather resources that fuel the process of building your own empire. And being able to do that successfully is not just about what you need to do. It’s also about who you need to become. You need to embody the idea of being a producer.

In order to live free, you first need to rise up.

Produce Value From the Mindset of a Producer

On your journey to financial freedom, you are your most valuable asset. There’s no way around it. After all, you’re the one taking the journey and you need to empower yourself financially in order to reach your goal.

Financial empowerment is the mission of CashFlow Tactics. And it’s not just about knowing how to make money. It’s also about keeping the money that you make, turning it into cash flow and living wealthy along the way.

You Can’t Make Money Without Taking Any Action

When people think about “passive” income, they normally imagine a scenario where their investment gets multiplied over time without them ever having to lift a finger. This situation is disturbingly closer to a pipe dream then to a viable vision. In reality, the investment industry is a lot more brutal and the sooner you realize that the better.

“Money will not replace you as the driver.” – Jimmy Vreeland

But even if you’re realizing this just now, there’s no reason to worry. It can only be a good thing. Knowing that the only way to financial freedom is by rolling up your sleeves and getting your hands dirty keeps you from wasting time and energy on distractions. You’re going to stop fixating on the problem and start thinking about solutions.

Investing in Yourself

If you truly understand that you are your most valuable asset, you should also be able to see the benefits of investing in your own development. And the three crucial areas that need your attention will be your mindset, your skillset, and your network.

Elevate Your Mindset

You can only go as far as you believe to be possible. That is why you need to let go of your limiting beliefs and practice seeing the world for what it could be. Work on expanding your vision and draw inspiration from the greatest feats of human achievement.

Enhance Your Skillset

When you are able to redefine what’s possible, you then need to start developing the skills that will support your new mindset. Here, you’re investing in the most practical aspect of your journey. You need to figure out the particular skills you’ll need to turn your dream into a reality.

Expand Your Network

The first two investments will help you set up a broad framework for your journey. After that, the only thing left to focus on is building and growing your network. This last investment will affect the pace of your journey. Surround yourself with like-minded people and build meaningful connections. The only way to really thrive is through collaboration.

“Go back and invest in yourself.” – Ryan D. Lee

Are You Ready to Become a Producer?

The biggest human dilemma is that we’re programmed to seek comfort while also being capable of so much more if we were only able to let go of it. It’s not impossible to go against your programming. It’s not always easy, but you always have a choice.

Are you ready to take responsibility for the life that you want to live? Accept that you’re the only person standing between you and your success?

You can’t start producing if you’re still blaming others and looking for excuses.

“If you go into life thinking that you’re a victim of the circumstances around you, you’re not a producer.” – Ryan D. Lee

Being a producer means embracing an active approach to creating a life you’ve always wanted and reached your goals.

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