RISE UP Live 2021 Is Here

July 1, 2021

rise up live 2021 is here

In this episode, Ryan & Brad dive into why live events are so powerful for creating a sense of belief in what you are trying to accomplish and discuss the details of Rise Up Live 2021.

They share why they are more than doubling last year’s seats and making it an on-site event, instead of a Facebook Live, and how you can register to attend.

Be ready to build upon the knowledge that you have acquired with Cashflow Tactics. Get ready to evolve into a new version of yourself: somebody that will walk away KNOWING that you can implement the next step of your Game Plan and get successful results.

You can expect to strengthen your belief and accelerate your results on becoming financially free in 10 years or less.

If you are either super excited and ready to attend or just curious about what this is all about, click play and get the full details.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Why do we need a live event? (2:35)
  • Meeting with like-minded people will change you (6:58)
  • What are you going to cover in Day 1? (18:59)
  • Day 2 will make this event better than any other (22:41)
  • Day 3 is all about Rising Up (25:07)

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