Sneak Peek of Rise Up Live with Keynote Speaker Robert Allen

August 30, 2021

Sneak Peek of Rise Up Live with Keynote Speaker Robert Allen

In today’s episode, Jimmy has a pleasant conversation with Robert Allen on his favorite subject: financial freedom.

Robert started his journey investing in real estate right after college, and a few years later, he was already a millionaire.

A little later, he wrote his first book, and when he started teaching others what helped him achieve financial freedom, Robert knew he had found his purpose in life.

After that, he has helped people improve their lives and created millionaires worldwide for the last forty years. For him, it’s so fulfilling, and he loves to do it.

Today, he talks about the importance of skill sets, mindsets, and networks. Robert emphasizes the importance of mentors to minimize time and resources loss and invites every listener to question why they are here on this planet and to find their purpose.

He also chats about his books that have heavily influenced Cashflow Tactics: Creating Wealth and The Challenge.

This episode is full of golden nuggets that you won’t want to miss.

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • “Real estate was the vehicle that got me started” (3:05)
  • Why people don’t invest in mindset education, but should (14:29)
  • Not having a mentor will cost you a lot (16:01)
  • “I’ve been fixing up people and creating millionaires for 40 years” (18:29)
  • Why are you here on this planet? (19:36)

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