Success Only Comes by Facing Risk

September 23, 2021

Success Only Comes by Facing Risk

In today’s episode, Ryan talks about facing risk. Avoiding risk holds so many people from achieving the success they want in their lives and financial plans. 

In the world that we live in today, we are trained, taught, and educated that risk is bad and that we must avoid it at all costs. The reality of this is that it costs us our dreams, our hopes, and our birthrights.

Most people ask themselves, what is the risk if I take that action? What is the risk if this happens? What is the risk if I get sick? What is the risk if I lose my job? What is the risk if markets go down or if inflation goes up?

They’re evaluating the risks and looking at them in the way of “how do I mitigate them or avoid them or run away from them?”. The alternative question is, “what will happen if I don’t take this risk?”.

If you want to build and live a life that matters, it will require you to face risk. Now, we don’t have to do this haphazardly, but we can successfully do it by following four simple steps that will help you thrive inside of risk. Dive in for the full details!

Key Takeaways:

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Seeing risk from the right perspective (5:33)
  • The first thing to managing risk effectively is making a plan (10:16)
  • Eliminating the risk of ruin (14:30)
  • Face the risk and do something about it (17:46)
  • Create a compelling vision that pulls you into the risk (22:55)

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