The Art of Walking A Straight Line with Ryan Lee

December 9, 2021

How do you walk in a straight line to your goals?

As Ryan explains in today’s episode, for most people it is a lot harder than it seems. Ryan is going to discuss how most people are lost, walking aimlessly in circles, unsure of where they’re going.

He teaches you what you need to know about game plans in order to get back on track in 2022. He will go over the four-step game plan we all need, the importance of the present moment, and why gratitude is the key!

Financial freedom in less than 10 years isn’t easy when you don’t have a plan. But when you learn from the experts and have a clear map with a straight line to where you’re going, you can massively improve your odds of success. That’s exactly what we help you with at the Rise Up Live Free podcast.

Don’t miss it!

Key Takeaways:

  • What is a game plan? (00:00)
  • Why it’s time to start thinking of next years goals NOW (01:10)
  • Why most people are just walking aimlessly in circles (04:08)
  • The science behind this theory (08:39)
  • Why you gotta get clear on what you want (09:44)
  • How to identify the problem (13:57)
  • Why the present moment is so important (15:25)
  • Where discipline comes from (17:49)
  • Why gratitude is key (21:33)

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