The 4 Principles of Wealth Part 4- Prosper

March 30, 2020

Today’s episode is covering the final principle that makes up the Core 4. Ryan, Brad, and Jimmy have spent the last few weeks going over Produce, Protect, and Profit which details the process of building and managing wealth. The fourth principle, Prosper, is the ‘why’ behind it all. It is the core of everything they do and the inspiration for developing the Financial Freedom formula.

The focus of the previous episode was all about profit. It covers how to ensure you’re making the money that you’ve been working hard for. Many people like to just stop there. They believe that the money making aspect is the most important part of the whole process. We wholeheartedly disagree.

Our goal isn’t to offer a money solution. We strive to remove the obstacle of money so people can get what they really want. For the majority of people, money is a vessel to the lifestyle they desire. Living free doesn’t mean having piles of money tucked away. It means crafting a life that allows you to focus on what truly matters. And that looks different for everyone.

We’re going to teach you how to live wealthy in the present moment. Because a deferred life is not a free life. And you deserve to live in the now.

What Does It Mean To Be Wealthy

“Living wealthy means being able to do what I want when I want.”- Jimmy Vreeland

Ryan and Jimmy didn’t always know how to live wealthy. Earlier in their journeys, they both fell victim to the rat race that is so common in our society. It is so easy to do. We are all fed the same script. It is hard to break free from that conditioned mindset. Most people never do.

Jimmy spent years missing time with his family. His career in medical sales left him living a deferred life. Jimmy would miss Christmas with his family so he could be at the hospital. He vividly remembers coming home one evening and seeing the look of sadness on his wife and daughter’s face. Suddenly, everything he believed began to crumble before him.

Jimmy was spending so much time away from his family so he could build their financial futures. His goal was to reach a place where he could spend more time with him. But his checks weren’t reflecting the sacrifice he was making and the time away was hurting those he loved most.

Ryan ‘s story was similar. He spent so much time away from his own family in the hopes that he could create a stable future for them. Reality came crashing down with his son’s health issues and he realized what mattered most wasn’t money. It was the time he spent building memories with his family.

That’s why it’s so important to focus on living wealthy in the present. Financial freedom means living in the now.

How To Live A Prosperous Life Now

Living free in the present requires hard work and sacrifice. Our goal is not to defer our lives until retirement but to find joy and freedom in the process. In order to effectively do that, one must have a solid framework to work from. A framework allows you to keep working hard towards your goals but keeps you from missing the important moments that are happening now.

We have built a framework for people who aren’t looking for a handout and are willing to rise up and take control. We like to call it living in a blissfully dissatisfied manner. It is six steps to help you organize your path towards financial freedom. We’re here to help you create a vision and give you the tools to break down what needs to be done to reach that vision.

  1. Figure out what you want
  2. Why does that thing you want matter
  3. Setting targets
  4. A game plan that helps you hit that target
  5. You hit the target
  6. Reward yourself

“The whole purpose of this prosper movement of living free is to give people a framework, inside of a game plan, to both build and live wealthy in the moment.” – Ryan D. Lee


What Now

These six steps give you a guideline to follow and allow you to reap the benefits of your hard work in the process. Because you deserve to live in abundance financially, mentally, and spiritually.

Are you ready to become free in all ways? Then it’s time to take massive action within a clearly defined gameplan. Embark on your journey to becoming financially free in ten years or less but don’t miss out on life during the process.

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