The Core Focus

August 31, 2020

Want to know what sets CashFlow Tactics apart?

In this episode, Brad and Jimmy discuss the core focus of CashFlow Tactics. They hope that this episode will put into context why the CashFlow tactics approach to money and finance is vastly different from what traditional financial advisors provide.

The core focus is comprised of two pieces. It is the movement and the niche. The movement is to inspire individuals to Rise Up and Live Free by leading them on a path to financial freedom. We accomplish that by educating, coaching, and implementing a personalized game plan.

A core focus keeps you from chasing squirrels and ensures you stay on track to meet your goals.

The Odyssey As It Relates To Core Focus

There is another ten-year journey that the core focus of CashFlow Tactics takes inspiration from. It’s the story of The Odyssey, an ancient greek poem authored by Homer. The poem mainly focuses on the Greek hero, Odysseus, who takes ten years to reach Ithaca after the ten-year Trojan War. His journey is arduous and filled with obstacles to overcome. It took immense focus to complete the journey, and that same sort of focus is required if you want to become financially free.

Most people believe they aren’t where they want to be due to the information they lack. But, a majority of the time that isn’t the problem. Lack of focus and execution towards a specified target is really where the trouble is.

“We have broken down what the game is”- Jimmy Vreeland

Why You Need A Core Focus

If you don’t have a core focus, then you will fall prey to the distractions that keep you from reaching your desired goals. What makes CashFlow Tactics different is that our core focus is the act of implementation. Our core focus is directly tied to a personalized plan where you are the driver of your success.

Most financial advice that is given these days is either guru led or Goldfish advising. Neither of these methods provides the opportunity for individual empowerment. It instead leads to focusing on someone else for YOUR success. We just don’t believe that this is a practical step if you truly want to move forward. We put ourselves in the middle of the two extremes because we know it is the best way to become financially free.

“Lack of information isn’t the problem”- Bradley Gibb

The strategy has to come first. Then you need to arm yourself with education, coaching, and the ability to implement in order to win. We won’t put you in a position apart from these values because we know it’s necessary if you want to Rise Up & Live Free.

The Breakdown

“If you’re trying to skip to the end of your game plan then you’re missing the most important parts”- Bradley Gibb

Gameplan, principles, framework, and finally, execution is the order that we work in so that we can find freedom. If you’re ready to start your gameplan and establish your core focus, we invite you to check our FREE 5-day Cashflow Tactics Challenge.