The Origins of CashFlow Tactics

March 10, 2020

Welcome to the first-ever episode of the Rise Up Live Free Podcast brought to you by the founders of CashFlow Tactics. Just a few years back, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad were complete strangers, each one completely unaware that the other two existed.

And yet, they were all walking a similar path simultaneously, making the exact same mistakes and taking away almost identical lessons. They were all drawn to topics of money, finance, cash flow, and investment, with a goal of figuring out a solution to the same challenge – how to achieve financial freedom.

Even though they started from different places, their journeys were powered by similar ideas, which is what eventually led them to each other. And when their paths finally crossed, they all saw an opportunity. Their meeting turned out to be a foundation for the next chapter of their lives and a solution that allowed them to reach their goals.

Background On The Founders

Ryan’s Story

Long before co-founding CashFlow Tactics, Ryan found himself taking the traditional path. His money journey completely normal and by the book. Get a steady job, work a 9 to 5, and climb the corporate ladder. All in the hope that one day, you’ll save enough money to get out of the game.

But with every promotion that he got, he felt like he was giving up a part of himself in return. Each new level required more of his time, attention and dedication while the stress kept piling on.

“I was doing what everyone else around me was doing but yet, somehow, I was expecting a different outcome.” – Ryan D. Lee

In efforts to escape the hamster wheel, Ryan turned to educating himself on investments – reading books, listening to podcasts and attending masterminds. Surrounding himself with like-minded people, he was able to learn a whole lot, build his network, and meet ambitious folks, including two that would help him reach all of his goals and change his life for good.

Jimmy’s Story

After graduating from West Point Military Academy, Jimmy spent 5 years as an army ranger and went through 3 tours in Afghanistan. On his last deployment, he read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and decided to start investing in real estate.

Jimmy had already known that property investments were a good way to generate wealth. But the big paycheck that would grant him financial freedom never came. He was also becoming more and more frustrated because of how slow the whole process was going.

“I could not bear the fact that I kept 50 cents on the dollar.” – Jimmy Vreeland

Stuck at a corporate job, working exhaustingly long hours and missing out on time with his family, Jimmy felt stuck. Desperately trying to find a way to speed things up, his luck started to turn after he met Ryan through an online podcast. Later on, he ended up meeting Brad on a weight boarding boat ride. They talked for 8 hours straight and connecting on everything across the board.

Brad’s Story

Brad was always drawn to reading and learning about investments. Still, he was so immersed in his education that he simply didn’t have enough time to make any bold, determined actions.

He was also feeling very frustrated with how slow everything was going which explains why he was able to empathize and connect with Jimmy almost instantly.

“If we don’t have our life and the things that really matter to us in the here and now, what do we have?” – Bradley Gibb

How CashFlow Tactics Was Born

When the trio first got together, they shared their stories in-depth and everything one of them said seemed to resonate with the other two. Once they had compared their notes, it was obvious they were all on the same track. Not only were they facing the same problems but their solutions proved to be applicable across their situations.

The incredible thing was that each of them had a superpower that complemented each other perfectly. By being able to systematically explore their situations, compare their perspectives and combine different insights, slowly but surely they were able to come up with a way to reach their goals. And the whole reason Rise Up Live Free Podcast was created is to explore the many different aspects of that solution.

“We don’t share anything that we haven’t lived.” – Bradley Gibb

What to Expect from the Rise Up Live Free Podcast

The podcast is the perfect medium for Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad to dive deep into the topic of financial freedom. In the following episodes, they will share their process and provide you with the tools, resources, and education so that you can achieve what they did.

You will learn exactly how they were able to reach their success. They intend to demonstrate what real financial freedom looks like and help you create a mindset that will drive you forward on your journey.

“Financial freedom isn’t one day, financial freedom is a lifestyle.” – Ryan D. Lee

Imagine what your life would look like if money wasn’t the driving force behind the majority of your decisions. That is what being financially free is all about and Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad will be here, week after week, showing you what it means to rise up and live free.

Welcome to the Rise Up Live Free Podcast and make sure to subscribe so you never miss an episode!

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