The “Robert Allen” Method to Achieve Financial Freedom

May 13, 2021

The "Robert Allen" Method to Achieve Financial Freedom

Jimmy and Ryan discuss one of their first mentors, his 1983 book “Creating Wealth” and the “Robert Allen” method of Real Estate investing.  

Here at CashFlow Tactics, we have one main mission: to help you become Financially Free in under 10 years. No matter how old you are. What level of education you possess. Or how much experience you actually have. 

How did we manage to teach thousands of people to start their journey to Financial Freedom? We simply learned from the best. 

In our latest episode, we’re talking about one of the earliest and most important mentors. 

Join Jimmy and Ryan to discuss the impact Allen and his books have had on their lives. Listen as they analyze Allen’s book “Creating Wealth” and explain what the “Robert Allen” investment method is. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • What role Robert Allen’s played in Jimmy’s and Ryan’s lives (04:40) 
  • Why 50% of people in our community invest in Real Estate (09:10)
  • What’s the “Robert Allen” Method and how it works (15:03)
  • How buying 20 properties can help you develop new skills (19:18)
  • Why Financial Freedom requires stewardship (24:34)
  • How an average deal might look amazing in 10 years (27:24)
  • What the CashFlow Tactics crew learned from writing a book (34:28)
  • Ryan’s early Real Estate investments and learning from failure (37:29)
  • Is the process of attaining Financial Freedom simple or hard (40:59)
  • Being Financially Free means choosing to deal with bigger problems (45:00)

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