What is the VAULT? Part 1 – Strategy

July 8, 2021

vault financial strategy

In this episode, Ryan joins Eric McGuire, Head Tactical Wealth Strategist at Cashflow Tactics to discuss the top questions asked about the VAULT financial strategy.

The VAULT is part of the path to financial freedom, the path to ultimately stabilizing abundance in a person’s life, and creating the freedom and the space to go out and make moves inside of real estate and cash flow. 

However, this is a very unique concept. It’s even a new concept for most people when they get into the Cashflow Tactics community. So as you can imagine, even though they describe it on webinars and similar training, inevitably, there are always questions around the VAULT. 

Eric has been in this game for several years, and he’s the perfect man to guide you through it. So this episode, it’s gonna be exclusively around answering those questions specifically: what the VAULT is, why we use it, and why it’s a tool that’s relevant to someone’s path to financial freedom. 

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Why is Eric so passionate about the VAULT? (2:20)
  • What is the VAULT? (5:58)
  • How do you start a VAULT? (17:51)
  • How is the VAULT compared to other tools? (19:25)
  • When you’re taking a policy loan, how do you access your equity? (26:37)

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