Who Are Empire Builders

March 16, 2020

Things that are worth having usually require hard work and sacrifice. As it turns out, those two things are a huge deal-breaker for many.

For a long time, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad operated under the illusion that they should try to get their message across to everybody. They understood that you don’t have to be special to achieve financial independence. But just because anybody can make it, doesn’t mean everybody is going to.

People who would rather moan and make excuses than take action are not interested in hearing about financial freedom. Or sometimes, they say they are but are much more comfortable with crossing their hands, doing nothing, and wait on somebody else to get it for them. Which never happens.

When they realized that striving for financial freedom requires a certain mindset, it was much easier to spread the message about the blueprint, build a community and help a greater number of people reach their goals.

“That X-factor for CashFlow Tactics has really been the tribe and the community.” – Bradley Gibb

CashFlow Tactics group members share a unique quality, which is why they’re more commonly known as Empire Builders. And you’re about to find out why.

Figuring Out Who the Message Is For

It’s no secret that one of the key things that makes CashFlow Tactics so awesome is the community built around it. People gathering from all paths of life, connected by their vision, sharing, learning, and supporting each other, all joined by a common goal. And this goal is to achieve financial freedom in 10 years or less.

But the group itself was actually a byproduct, something Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad stumbled upon along the way. Some time ago, while struggling to figure out a way how to take their message to the masses, they reached out to Russell Brunson. They’d read his book DotCom Secrets which really resonated with their story. Reaching out to Russell was an easy decision because they knew he could help them.

However, Russell’s guidance turned into a painful, yet empowering exercise. The very first question that he asked them had caught them completely off guard. And the question was simple – who is your ideal customer? They were so fixated on the fact that anyone could benefit from their framework, they neglected that it was impossible to create a universal message that would resonate with everyone.

So the next 2 years of their journey was a real test of character. Through trial and error, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad went to great lengths in order to determine who they wanted to serve. Who was the message for?

Surrounded by Peers, Yet Completely Alone

In the years that followed, they learned a whole lot just from regular, encounters with other people. One event left a particularly strong impression on Brad and changed his perspective completely.

He found himself in a room full of people during a Super Bowl party, stranded and alone. He wasn’t able to connect with anyone, even though these people were supposedly his peers. Each conversation he had was related to an issue or a problem someone had. And whenever he’d try to propose a solution, people would just stare at him, blankly. Brad realized that because of his active approach and problem-solving mindset, he was fundamentally different. That is why he couldn’t connect. They were not his tribe.

After a while, it was pretty clear that their business couldn’t be about “sending a message for the masses”. Because the majority of people are stuck in a consumer mindset, a zombie-like state with symptoms that include lots of complaining without actually doing anything about it.

“If you’re not getting what you want… You’re a part of a wrong tribe.” – Bradley Gibb

Empire Builders Do More Than Make Money

Still not being sure about their target audience, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad reached out to a marketing agency. During a workshop, they received a bunch of intimate questions they had to answer. And only through answering the questions about themselves were they able to understand which type of people they were looking to attract.

They realized that the people they’d like to talk to were “producers”. Those who are not waiting for someone to do things for them but who are looking to learn how to do it themselves. People who felt there was more to give but still haven’t figured out the “what” and the “how”. By creating a community those who share these values, goals, and characteristics, CashFlow Tactics provides like-minded people with a space to discuss ideas and exchange experiences.

“You are building your empire… A framework for life.” – Ryan D. Lee

The members of that group of people ruthlessly committed to becoming financially free are called Empire Builders. And the reason why it’s so apt for this situation is that building an empire is so much more than simply making money or acquiring wealth. By building an empire, you’re actually trying to fulfill a purpose. And that purpose is never about money. Money is just a way for you to get there.

That’s the story of how our support group for Empire Builders was created. A community, built by those who are determined to rise up and live free.

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