Why Investing in the Market Is Costing You Your Freedom

June 14, 2021

why investing in the market is costing you your freedom

In this episode, Ryan & Brad dive into the philosophy of investing in the market as a method of achieving your financial goals. 

They discuss why the market was created, who’s actually getting wealthy, and why now is likely the worst time to be putting money into the market.

The methods that they are going to be talking about here may be considered risky, but we are sure that you will think that twice after the Cashflow Tactics guys expose the risk inside of what is considered the conventional, normal, and most successful investment path.

The average individual trades a lot of days, months, and years of their life with the intention of being able to own their time to be able to spend time with their spouse, kids, and grandkids, and do some of the things that they weren’t able to do during your working years.

Yet, the conventional path is not designed to treat individuals fairly. We invite you to know things that could give you the control and power to materialize your goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Have you ever actually invested $1 in the stock market? (1:38)
  • The market wasn’t created to make everyone’s life better (6:30)
  • Can you really “time” the market? (22:37)
  • The sad parts of traditional investing (30:18)
  • Have rates of return on mind, not just money (38:27)

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