Win The Day Training With Mark Batterson (Part 1)

February 1, 2020

Win The Day Training With Mark Batterson

You may remember us talking about winning the day from a few episodes back. Well, today, we have the man behind the phrase to dive deeper into his recently released book.

Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy did a live training with Mark Batterson on how to Win The Day. He shares the seven powerful habits we can adopt to turn our goals into our reality and to conquer the anxiety that comes with audacious dreams.

We go over why habits are essential to feeling less stressed and why those big goals have been accomplished daily! Our conversation with Mark was so uplifting and inspiring that we didn’t want to dare have you miss out on the opportunity to hear it. 

Tune in to listen in on our call with Mark and leave with the renewed confidence that you are more than capable of traversing the path ahead!

Key Takeaways:

  • Being our personal game-changers (04:30)
  • Habits to help you stress less (08:00)
  • Failure is well-managed success (14:40)
  • The first habit (18:50)
  • Add a relational component to your books (26:00)
  • Turning dreams into actions (37:20)