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Jimmy Vreeland

Co-Founder • Cashflow Tactics

Jimmy graduated from the United State Military Academy at West Point, spent 5 years as an Army Ranger, and deployed three times twice to Iraq and once to Afghanistan. On his last deployment, he read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki which led him down the path of real estate investing.

Jimmy had already known that property investments were a good way to generate wealth. But the big paycheck that would grant him financial freedom he was looking for, never came. He was also becoming more and more frustrated because of how slow the whole process was going.

Stuck at a corporate job, working exhaustingly long hours and missing out on time with his family, Jimmy felt stuck. Desperately trying to find a way to speed things up, his luck started to turn after he met Ryan through an online podcast. Then, he ended up meeting Brad on a wakeboarding boat ride. They talked for 8 hours straight and connected on everything across the board.

Today, Jimmy is one of the founder’s of Cash Flow Tactics — the nation’s premiere program for providing the tools for thousands of Americans to retire within 10 years or less — and the owner of one the nation’s best known providers of Turnkey Real Estate.

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