• This is where you begin YOUR journey to Financial Freedom and understanding why the traditional financial path isn't working. Why you are stuck, and ultimately what you can do about it. It comes with a personalized Game Plan built for you. You will not only see what is broken but also how to start taking action today and become Financially Free in 10 years or less.
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  • Get a deep dive into the CFT education, the team, and opportunities. You'll get access to comprehensive education, connection with the right teams, and opportunities that will allow you to start taking relevant and meaningful action in your Game Plan today!
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  • Want to move your Gameplan forward fast? Ready to get access to vetted turnkey real estate properties on a weekly basis? Want to be part of a community that's dedicated to scaling up to owning 10, 20 or more real estate assets? Empire may be for you. Access limited to Acceleration graduates.


  • Are you ready to rise up? In the Rise Up Mastermind, we show you the fastest path to not only achieve financial freedom but to radically alter the course of your life. This is the only place you will get direct access to Ryan, Brad, and Jimmy.