The How of Financial Freedom in 10 years or less.

fast track.

This is NOT what modern day society teaches… Freedom Fast Track is our straight to the point, no-nonsense Investment training that will PROVE to you that 97% of traditional financial advice is dangerous, misleading or outright WRONG. In this training, we take you step-by-step through the FORMULA that TOP millionaires and billionaires have used for over 200 years… that once applied, can put you on the path to FINANCIAL FREEDOM in 10 years or less (regardless of your age, income, or prior experience).


With the beginnings of your foundation now in place, your trajectory will be determined by your NETWORK. Acceleration is our community of like minded individuals who are focused on ONE thing: Securing Financial Freedom in 10 years or less. Rather than feeling like you are alone in your pursuit to get out of the rat race, Acceleration is where you get access to not only the tactics but also a network of people who are actually learning and applying the strategies in their own lives.

As you run into the roadblocks that will come up, you’ll have access to those who have walked that path and overcome the same issues already. This mastermind group is led by Ryan D. Lee, Brad Gibb and Jimmy Vreeland who will be sharing the necessary strategies to achieve Financial Freedom.

Rise Up

Want to hang out with us deep in the mountains of Cashflow Tactics headquarters? Join us for our annual event where we pull back the curtains and show you everything, front to back, on how to accelerate your results inside of your Game Plan. How to connect with the right people, the right networks, and how to smash your foot on the gas pedal.

Rise Up

This is a network of true Empire Builders. The wild ones who are focused on freedom. Who rise up and take focused action. This is for those of us who are bold enough to push the limits in order to create a better reality. We are not risk takers or speculators but rather we live by a core set of principles. We want more than just money. Money is our tool to Create. We are committed to building a life that matters. A life driven by purpose. A life fueled by passion. We are committed to rise up and live free, everyday.

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