3 Pillars of Success a Navy Seal Lives By with Chadd Wright

June 17, 2021

In this episode, Ryan interviews Chadd Wright on his 14-year career as a Navy Seal, the lessons learned, and how they have forged a path and direction for his life. 

They also discuss what Chadd is doing with the 3 of 7 Project and how he is helping people elevate the standards that they live their lives by.

Amazingly, all of these lessons are applicable in many areas, including financial freedom.

Financial freedom isn’t the philosophy most people preach right now. It’s about you owning your time not so you can go to the beach more often or drive a fancier car, it’s so you can find your purpose.

Chadd’s decision to become a Navy Seal and the journey he embraced to get there, will change your perspective on what “living a life of purpose” means. Because each of us has a purpose, and that we should never forget.

So, click play on this episode and take your chance to be re-energized by a powerful story.

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (0:00)
  • Chadd’s background and the beginning of his journey (5:06)
  • Overcoming failure, fear, and death (9:46)
  • Financial freedom is here so you can find your purpose (18:21)
  • The value of supportive people: We can’t accomplish anything alone (20:03)
  • How Chadd found his purpose and decided to start the 3 of 7 Project (31:26)
  • Your purpose is going to require you to sacrifice (37:52)

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