Committing To Excellence With Jeff Lerner

October 5, 2020

committing to excellence

This podcast is all about empowering people to rise up. Living freely is about more than just retiring early. It’s about living a purpose-driven life and not having money be the primary driver of all of your decisions. 

In this episode, Ryan interviews Jeff Lerner. Over the last ten years, Jeff has built multiple successful online businesses that have generated over 8-figures in sales. Jeff has shown over 150,000 people how to develop their own successful businesses and create their dream life using the Internet.

He centers his mission around the idea of excellence. It’s about being excellent in all areas of life and, in turn living life the way you want to. Jeff’s story is filled with intense drive and resilience. He went from a struggling artist and entrepreneur living in his ex-wife’s parents’ basement and over half a million dollars in debt to having the success he has today. 

Tune in to hear the entirety of his amazing story!

Key Takeaways:

  • Background on today’s guest (01:45)
  • Jeff started studying wealth at a young age (07:30)
  • Dropping out of high school to become a musician (11:35)
  • Getting accepted into a prestigious music school (17:13)
  • Being the author of your life story (23:50)
  • All great stories require big crises (27:50)
  • What drove Jeff to the point of wanting to build something more (35:42)
  • What is means to lean into excellence (42:30)
  • What Jeff does today (43:40)