Committing To Excellence With Jeff Lerner

September 10, 2020

Committing To Excellence With Jeff Lerner

Welcome back to the Rise Up & Live Free podcast. In this episode, Brad and Ryan discuss the power of a network, vision, and the three areas of life you need to invest in.

Brad and Ryan’s financial health struggled until they decided to focus on the three key areas of mindset, skillset, and network. Today, they discuss how and why these three elements elevate and affect your game plan’s overall effectiveness. 

They also announce their upcoming LIVE event that will be happening in October. With everyone having been so isolated over the last several months, they realize how important it is to host an event where the CashFlow Tactics community can network and help build each other up.

Tune in for some exciting announcements!

Key Takeaways:

  • How we became marketers (4:24)
  • Look at the results of your life (6:20)
  • The three investments you need to make (8:31)
  • The beautiful result in combining these three investments (11:55)
  • Discussing our live event (17:02)
  • Do this if you want extraordinary results (23:32)