Creating Wealth Robert Allen Style

August 6, 2020

In this episode of the Rise Up & Live Free Podcast, Ryan and Jimmy discuss the book Creating Wealth by Robert Allen. He is an influential advisor who has found incredible financial success through his innovative investment strategies. Robert Allen teaches more than just real estate. His work includes breaking down the beliefs and mindsets we carry around money. His goal is to inform readers on how to adopt a wealthy mindset to create the wealth they desire.

Robert Allen’s ideas have been essential to the development of CashFlow Tactics. He finished where Robert Kiyosaki left off in Rich Dad Poor Dad. After reading Kiyosaki’s work, the guys were opened up to an entirely new vision and way of thinking but didn’t have the tactical steps to get there until finding Robert Allen. Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy have utilized his advice and applied it to their own financial situations with great success. Today, they share all that they’ve learned and how it can take your game plan to the next level.

“Living free is inevitable as long as you’re willing to rise up”- Ryan D. Lee

Robert Allen is Not about Retirement

Our version of financial freedom is to empower you to make a purpose-driven decision with your life and your most valuable resource which is your time. We don’t believe freedom is about sacrificing your time and unique abilities in the hope that maybe one day you’ll have enough money to do what you want. That is not fulfillment.

Your primary goal should not be about money. We look to provide value and love the process of doing it. Let’s look at Jimmy as an example. He works in real estate full time and he does it because he actually loves it. He loves interacting with tenants and maintaining his properties. It is truly a process he enjoys doing.

To be clear, doing what you love is not always going to be simple. If you decide to read Robert Allen’s book you’ll notice he makes that incredibly clear. He compares the process of financial freedom to launching a rocket. It takes a massive about of fuel for a rocket to break through the earth’s atmosphere but once through the tension lightens significantly.

It is the same in real estate. You’re going to have moments, especially in the beginning, that is very difficult and time-consuming. It’s important to look at the big picture here and continue to move forward because eventually these moments will level out and you’ll reach “smooth sailing” so to speak.

You Have to Be Willing to Make Mistakes

“Is the fear of making mistakes holding you back?”- Ryan D. Lee

When you’re new to the world of real estate you will make mistakes. It’s important to dive in anyway. Jimmy can tell you a number of stories he’s made as an investor. But the fact of the matter is, those mistakes were important to make. Why? Because he learned from them.

If you allow the fear of making mistakes to hold you back you will never be free. You might technically make enough money but you won’t be free to learn the lessons life has for you in order to learn and grow.

The great thing about real estate is that time can fix a plethora of mistakes. Because you have an investment that grows in value over time you don’t have to worry over money lost because you bought a house with a less than desirable layout. Robert Allen is all about being a long term wealth builder.

How to Follow Up with Robert Allen

Following the tactics Robert Allen shares is a total gamechanger. Though there is one other thing that must be focused on if you’re really truly looking to be free. What’s equally important to the tactics is your dedication to personal development. He says the shortest distance between wealth and poverty is your personal development.

We had to learn this lesson too. You have to create and become the person capable of financial freedom. It’s about rising up and realizing that we’ll have to make mistakes. We have to fail in order to grow.

Embracing failure is about mitigating your risk of ruin and realizing that mistakes are just a part of the path to success.

What is holding you back from moving forward? Is it the risk of ruin? If you’re ready to face that fear and live the life you’ve been dreaming of then head over to our Facebook group. We also have a FREE five-day challenge to test where you’re at and prepare yourself for your next steps.