Creative Curiosity With James P. Friel

December 14, 2020

Creative Curiosity

This week, Ryan interviews entrepreneur, author, and CEO Jame P. Friel on his entrepreneurial journey. 

James is an entrepreneur, author, and consultant who helps entrepreneurs grow and scale their business by assisting them to get away from day-to-day operations, resulting in more time freedom in the long run.

James has a great backstory and shares how he’s built his confidence, and offers advice on how you can too! We talk about the five key pillars of a business and why a focus on the hustle and grind can be detrimental. 

Key Takeaways:

  • James’ backstory (03:30)
  • His reason for remaining curious (07:20)
  • What he did before starting his businesses (10:50)
  • How James builds confidence (20:00)
  • The five key pillars of a business (27:00)
  • Why you shouldn’t be consumed with the hustle and grind (33:10)
  • How to live in a realm of abundance (37:50)