Discover the POWER of a Network- An Interview With Chas Wilson

August 13, 2020

Welcome back to another episode of the Rise Up and Live Free podcast. In this episode, Chas Wilson and Ryan review the power of connection. Chas is the founder of a networking and entrepreneurial leadership company called Master Networks. The company’s central focus is about investing in yourself as well as others.

Connection doesn’t just improve your financial game plan. It enhances every area of your life. Take a moment to analyze the top experiences in your life. Often, they are centered around relationships. With this in mind, you might begin to wonder why you aren’t spending more time investing in those relationships.

We tend to get so caught up in the rat race. What’s the next thing we can do or achieve rather than what relationship can we strengthen next. The reality is, people are at the center of our next step forward. Without those strong bonds in place, we can’t move in the direction that we want to.

Networking can be tricky, but it is a necessary skill to have in your toolbox. Today, we’re diving into the best ways to incorporate networking into your life. No matter where you’re at today, you are just one connection away from the next opportunity in your life.

A Network Can Protect

As a self-proclaimed introvert, Ryan struggled to get a handle on networking. He could recognize the value but often made excuses to avoid it, thinking he could replace the value with education. The truth is, networking can provide a lot more than just education.

“Self-reliance is the definition of poverty”- Ryan D. Lee

Networking doesn’t just work for extroverts. Connection is not just for the most outgoing people among us. The threads of connection are necessary for every relationship and business. Look to COVID as an example. The pandemic has caused a rift for many companies, but the ones that are making it through have a more reliable support network. Chas Wilson describes that a network insulates. It is necessary to have that blanket of protection to call on when needed.

Chas Wilson Teaches How to Connect Better

“I went out and looked for the relationships of the people who knew the ideal customer I was looking for”- Chas Wilson

Chas Wilson was inspired to teach others how to better connect through a failed networking experience he endured. There was a banker that would regularly call in an attempt to set up a meeting with Chas. Eventually, Chas agreed, and the two set up a lunch meeting at Chipotle. From the moment they walked through the door, the banker started talking about cars. Chas doesn’t have any particular interest in cars, but his lunch companion didn’t know that because he never bothered to ask. To make matters worse, midway through the lunch, the banker even sprays hot sauce on Chas’ shirt and is so wrapped up into his pitch that he doesn’t even notice.

Chas left the lunch a bit annoyed but more inspired than ever. He gets back to his office, determined to help others not have the same encounter he just experienced. His next goal becomes teaching others how to become great networkers.

Chas and his team quickly developed a method that they believe builds a great networking experience. They call it the BOND method.

BOND Method

Build on a common interest

When first meeting someone, it’s important to ask questions that hit on a deeper level. Instead of the typical, “what do you do for a living”, inquire on their interests. Look and pick up on the things you have in common with the other person.

Occupation Exploration

For instance, when Ryan and Chas had lunch, Chas asked how he and his wife first met. It got the conversation flowing and evolved into a rewarding conversation that planted the seeds of friendship. In this example, they had the common interest of being devoted spouses. The conversation then naturally flowed towards their respective businesses. The beauty here is that nothing felt forced or awkward because they had set a precedent on a bond that didn’t involve work.

Needs Discovery

Ask, what do you need and how can I help? This shows that your goal is to provide value first. The strongest human connections are built on service and kindness. Show that you hold that as a personal value and you’ll attract others who do the same.

Development Opportunity

The best networks have several branches. You might come across someone that you can’t help directly, but you know someone else who would be the perfect fit. In this scenario, you’re still providing value by sharing that connection with them.

In business, people tend to just be looking for the next sale, but if you expand your vision and build connections, then you’ll never have to worry about the next sale.

Financial Freedom and Chas Wilson

This interview held so many great pieces of wisdom. Financial freedom to Chas Wilson means living now and being in control of your finances. For so long, he lived in fear when all he ever wanted was freedom. If you’re looking to insulate yourself with a network of like-minded individuals, then head over to Cashflow Tactics Group and check out our FREE 5-day Cashflow Tactics Challenge.