Diversification Vs. Focus

June 1, 2020

When it comes to financial security and stability most advisors teach the importance of diversification. It is a method that mixes a variety of investments within a single portfolio. Most people consider it to be a solid strategy to reduce risk.

What people fail to realize is the results of diversification. When you commit to a diversified portfolio oftentimes you’re subjecting yourself to average results. At CashFlow Tactics, we believe that the financial principles we use are also life principles. And we’ve committed to living extraordinary lives.

Living extraordinarily means more than just hoping for average results. Most people believe diversification is required in a financial plan. We say otherwise. Our goal is to get you on a fast track to financial freedom. To do that, you need focus.

Today, Ryan and Jimmy will teach you exactly what your focus should be on and what happens when you finally Rise Up! Stay tuned!

What Does Diversification Do?

People assume that diversification is required for a healthy portfolio. They believe that it will save them when the market does the unexpected. We argue that it’s just another outdated tactic offered by Goldfish Advisors.

We urge you to try to look at things from an alternate perspective. While we understand the benefit of protecting your assets we believe it may be just the thing holding you back from the success you desire. Take a look at any other area of your life that you’ve succeeded in.

“Big results come on the tail end of focus”- Ryan D. Lee

Maybe you’re a great parent or an accomplished athlete. What did it take to get those results? We bet it took a lot of continued focus and effort. Our point here is that if you want great outcomes then you have to have a very defined and narrowed focus. You can’t be the best athlete, chef, parent, and business person. Expertise in a skill requires our undivided attention.

When your attention is on diversification then you are going to get a watered-down result. If you want you extraordinary then you create a detailed focus.

Jimmy’s Results With Diversification

“Every life principle we have in CashFlow Tactics will also apply to your financial plan”- Jimmy Vreeland

When Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy set out to start Cash Flow Tactics they did it to help themselves. Each of them had fallen for the trap of diversification. They thought they were moving quickly in the right direction when they were just slowing themselves down.

Jimmy had his hand in so many different pots. He was involved in MLM’s, lease options, owning rentals, and investigating cryptocurrency. Jimmy thought he was living his entrepreneurial dream. The problem was there was a deep lack of focus. He thought he was doing the right thing by being diversified. His diversification just led to subpar results.

He realized that diversification was the number one thing standing in his way. So how did diversification become the gold standard? It boils down to giving up our control. People assume that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to move forward on their own.

It’s faulty logic at best. If you feel like you have little control over the market then how much do you think your financial advisor has? They’re in the same boat. If you called up an advisor right now they would recommend a diversified portfolio. But they are just selling you a dream. The hope that one day it will all work out in the end.

If you want to be financially free then you need results now.

Why we Rise Up

People who have achieved massive results in their life and business are not doing what everyone else is. They are doing the exact opposite. It takes focus and commitment. If you diversify then you will be average.

Committing to something requires our focus and that is what leads to the results we’re looking for. If you’re focused and committed then the fear that propels diversification falls away. The people who don’t commit just fall back on the safety net of being average.

True financial freedom can only be achieved by you. You have to remain vigilant and focused on your goals to move your game plan forward. That mindset will keep you from becoming distracted from anything that may get in your way.

When people commit to their focus it is such a breath of fresh air. They are taking their anxiety and lack of control and doing whatever possible to get the results they desire. That is what it means to Rise Up and Live Free. If you’re ready to get focused, then our free 5-day challenge is something you don’t want to miss.

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