Economics of Certainty with Eric McGuire

May 27, 2021

Economics of Certainty with Eric McGuire

Brad talks to Eric McGuire, the lead Tactical Wealth Strategist inside CashFlow tactics about the economics of certainty. 

While you got to know Ryan, Brad, and Jimmy pretty well over the last hundred or so episodes, we wanted to let you know that the CashFlow Tactics family is much bigger. 

Eric McGuire was a part of the CashFlow Tactics team before CashFlow Tactics was a thing. 

When we first met Eric, he was teaching almost the exact thing we’re teaching today. He was introduced to the concept of Financial Freedom by his brother, Les, while he was still in college. Eric stepped into the real world, knowing 401(k)s are practically worthless.

He and Les couldn’t sleep at night if they’re going to be worried about their financial future. That’s why they set out to identify the principles of economic certainty. 

Listen as Eric and Brad discuss the concept of “Economics of Certainty” first outlined by Les McGuire (Eric’s older brother) way back in 2003 and how the Vault can help you gain certainty.  

Key Takeaways

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • When Eric met the CashFlow Tactics crew (01:46)
  • How Eric discovered the concept of Financial Freedom in the first place (04:39)
  • Les McGuire’s “Economic Value of Certainty” (09:53)
  • What’s the value of certainty in the world of finance (15:14)
  • The economic cost of uncertainty vs economic value of certainty (19:45)
  • How certainty is built into the Core Four Principles (23:35)
  • The Vault and how it can help you build certainty in your financial plan (30:36)
  • How The Vault protects from lawsuits, creditors, and bankruptcies (37:18)
  • Why Eric’s brother worked so hard to identify these principles (41:35)

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