Empowering Your Mindset, Yoga Side Hustle, And Martial Arts Principles With The Yax Brothers

November 23, 2020

The process of financial freedom

In this episode, Jimmy interviews the Yax Brothers on martial arts, yoga, and living an empowered life.

As you know by now, rising up is essential to living a financially free life. To really live freely, we must be free first in our minds. Jimmy has found that daily yoga practice has been essential to his mental freedom and can be instrumental in yours as well! 

Today, the Yax Brothers share their story of personal development through yoga. They discuss what yoga teaches us and how it supports mental clarity. Jimmy and the Yax Brothers explain how yoga can help us grow and ultimately share our gifts with the world. 

Key Takeaways:

  • How the Yax brothers got into martial arts (01:50)
  • What personal development is (08:00)
  • How martial arts helped them reframe a victimhood mentality (13:00)
  • Opening up a martial arts academy (20:10)
  • Trying yoga to heal their body from martial arts (29:30)
  • What yoga teaches us (35:00)
  • The purpose of yoga (42:10)
  • Embrace the grind if you want to grow (53:18)
  • How to share your gifts with the world (59:05)