Financial Freedom Requires Collision

June 18, 2020

Most of us look for ways to avoid as much discomfort as possible. But that aversion may just be the thing holding you back from growth in every facet of your life. Today, Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy are discussing the power of collision and why you need it to move forward in your game plan.

The hard conversations and confrontations we have with ourselves, those in our network, and the world at large push us to expand our vision and determine what it takes to achieve our goals. The path to financial freedom is filled with obstacles to overcome, not to mention great self-development.

Join us as we evaluate how colliding makes us better people, partners, and investors. And how you can become better at colliding in a way that leads to significant results!

“Collision is required for personal growth in any area of your life.”- Ryan D. Lee

How We Came To Accept Collision

Collision is always uncomfortable. That’s why we decided to make it the topic for today’s episode. Before the recording of the episode, Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy set aside time to collide. When those moments happen now, it is usually accepted and viewed as an opportunity for growth. But it hasn’t always been that way.

At the beginning of CashFlow Tactics, the guys never collided. They each came to the table with their views, paradigms, and desires. Because of their diverse backgrounds and beliefs, it began to create a bit of messiness behind the scenes.

As they honed in on their mission, the collisions became more frequent and uncomfortable. But they started to make tremendous progress forward, which helped strengthen their resolve. Had they not collided, the feelings they were harboring would have boiled over and ruined their business.

Through their collisions, the guys have learned that it doesn’t get any easier but that they get better at initiating it. And above all else, they’ve also learned that growth requires collision.

“The path to financial freedom leads you directly into obstacles where you have to collide.”- Bradley Gibb

What Collision Can Look Like In Your Life

A commonly brought-up question in the CashFlow Tactics community is how to incorporate collision into our personal lives. This often comes up in how we can share our desires to become financially free with our spouse. People wonder if it’s possible to get them on board and the best way to do that.

Want our best advice? Take a step back from the financial side of things and get comfortable with communicating openly. It takes being honest and open with yourself and deciding what you want your life to be and expressing that with your partner. Those conversations are hard, but amazing things tend to come out of it. People often find they have better communication going forward and that their goals often align with that of their spouses.

Branching from colliding with those closest to us is expanding that awareness to our more extensive networks. When you’re committed to growth, finding others striving for the same goals becomes essential. And surrounding yourself with a community of like-minded people fuels that forward momentum.

We believe there are three main areas that we must focus our collisions on. The first being the person you are sharing your financial freedom with. It’s important for that relationship to be united on a shared vision. The second place we must be able to collide is with yourself. It’s essential to evaluate the decisions you make and the priorities you set and whether they get you closer or not to your goals. And finally, the third area of collision must occur with everyone else in your life. Rising up stirs the dust around you. It forces you to confront the world you’ve built and see how it fits into the world you are making.

How To Collide Better

“What action do I need to adjust to get to where I’m committed to going.”- Ryan D. Lee

Positive collision is born from being committed to an outcome. When you’re devoted to rising up, then you have to raise your standards and expectations. In doing so, you must check yourself and your network to those new and improved standards. That awareness is what keeps everyone moving forward as harmoniously as possible.

If you’re looking to collide better, it’s crucial to find an accountability partner. Having someone there to hold the mirror can help process the whatever collision you’re going through. And it’s a gift in itself to be able to do that for others.

Accountability is vital in the CashFlow Tactics community. We created a FREE 5-day CashFlow Tactics Challenge that will kickstart your journey to financial freedom and serve as a space to communicate with others on the same path. Test out your collision skills and strengthen them to allow you to perform better in your gameplan.