Financial Game Plan

March 13, 2020

Today’s topic is all about the one thing that brings everything together. If you can’t organize and figure out a way to put everything you’ve learned into action, then all of it is going to be for nothing. What you need is to create a unique, personalized, and carefully designed strategic approach that allows you to reach your goals. To sum it up – you need a financial game plan.

This is the defining point of CashFlow Tactics. Whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish, you’re going to need a game plan in order to make sure you do it right.

Incidentally, that is exactly why the traditional approach to financial planning is so limited. There is no room for accountability or goals in the advice you’re getting from goldfish advisors. Only wishful thinking.

The “wait-and-see” method is flawed, outdated, and out of touch with the financial world of today. You need to get in the game. But playing to win requires preparation which is why in today’s episode, we’re going to go over all the key components that make an unstoppable game plan that will guide you to financial freedom and provide your journey a foundation and structure.

Why Is Having a Financial Game Plan So Important?

There are lots of ways you can become financially free, regardless of the industry you are drawn to. Fixating on choosing which line of business you’d like to get involved in shouldn’t be your primary concern.

A while back, Brad was making that exact same mistake. During an investment cruise some time ago, while everyone was connecting and having fun, he spent most of his time obsessively going through his notes, desperately trying to figure out “the thing” that would help him become financially independent. And after he drew out dozens of different scenarios from all the stories he’d heard, he realized he was looking in the wrong place. The success stories he’d heard didn’t happen because of “the thing”. They happened because of the “how”.

“What I had written that entire trip was the pattern and how they had done it was exactly the same” – Bradley Gibb

When Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy got together, they were able to deconstruct that pattern and successfully identify the elements that kept showing up across the board. In the end, they came up with a blueprint for designing a financial game plan that works for everyone, regardless of age, income or experience.

The 4 Universal Elements of a Successful Financial Game Plan

The Possibility

The beauty of the CashFlow Tactics game plan is that it always starts at the end. So the first step is defining what you’re trying to accomplish. In order to be guided by your end goal, you need to have a clear understanding of what it actually is. That is why every financial game plan starts off with a personal definition of financial freedom.

If you’re wondering how to do that, then check out Episode Two of the Rise Up Live Free Podcast, dedicated entirely to helping you find a unique answer that’s right just for you.

The Problem

“The easiest way to say this… 97% of what you think you know about money… Is dangerous, misleading or outright wrong!” – Ryan D. Lee

Now that’s a whole lot of wrong! The starting point may sound scary but this shouldn’t scare you. Because when you’re able to uncover what’s stopping you from reaching your success, you can also let these things go and focus on the things that do work.

The Present Moment

This step has proven to be one of the most challenging ones. It’s easy to get excited and motivated when you start thinking about accomplishing your goals. But being able to sit in the present moment and be brutally honest with yourself about your current position in life is a completely different story.

Defining your situation in the present moment is about getting clear on what you have at your disposal. And when you understand that, you can create a plan around how you can use what you have to get to where you want to go.

The Path

Everything that you’ve been trying to understand up to this point will help you accomplish this last step. Equipped with all the new insights you’ve gained on the process, the problem and the present moment, you can now start to design a path for yourself that will help you translate all of that into action.

With CashFlow Tactics, Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad help people figure out their last step by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks. By defining clear milestones, your journey becomes so much easier because you’re always in focus and aware of what you need to do next. And with each milestone you hit, you’ll start to feel something very powerful. You start gaining financial momentum.

Community Gives You Clarity and Confidence

“When we started working together, our game plans went a lot faster.” – Bradley Gibb

The reason why they were able to pick up the pace with their financial game plans is that Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad were able to provide each other with clarity. They were able to point out the things that were obvious on the outside but individually, they just couldn’t reach because they were limited by their perspective. Or the way Brad likes to put it, they couldn’t read their own label because they were inside the bottle. However, they could read each other’s labels with ease and that made all the difference in the world.

Getting guidance from someone else is essential to making this approach work efficiently. It’s much easier when you have someone on your team who isn’t limited by your perspective. Once they worked on adding this element to their process, the success rate inside their CashFlow Tactics Facebook Group skyrocketed.

Another way people benefit from joining the Cashflow Tactics Community is it helps you build confidence. Thousands of people are constantly sharing their experiences and updating each other on what’s working and what’s not. And when you see that anyone can do it, it’s easier to let go of the illusion that you can’t.

Developing a strong financial game plan is essential. And even though it’s simple, it’s definitely not easy. If you’d like to have Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad guide you through the entire process, then check out our Freedom Fast Track training course.

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