How Creating Processes For Mental Toughness And Financial Freedom Can Help You Succeed

March 11, 2021

Mental toughness and financial freedom

Nate Last is the Mental Strength Science Officer for Mission Six Zero. He is also a contributing author to one of our favorite books, Deliberate Discomfort.

In this episode, Nate explains how mental toughness is a process and that it is controllable and can be developed through consistent action. Jimmy and Nate talk about this process and how it applies to not only mental toughness but also financial freedom.

We go through his career background and what’s brought him to the point he is now. Connecting to that, is our discussion about Eastern Culture and why it can be a great lens to reframe our mental perspectives. 

Nate shares why he values the OODA Loop and how it’s an awesome framework to achieve financial freedom!

Key Takeaways:

  • What he does (04:00)
  • How to be mentally tough (08:45)
  • Looking to Eastern culture (15:25)
  • Going through the OODA Loop(18:50)
  • The history of the OODA Loop (34:05)
  • You decide how you think (44:00)
  • Applying what we learned to financial freedom (55:30)