How To Achieve REAL Wealth Through The “5 Currencies”

November 9, 2020

Achieve real wealth through the 5 currencies

In this episode, Brad and Ryan talk to a high-level mastermind group about achieving REAL wealth by optimizing the “5 Currencies.”

It’s all about taking a look at the bigger picture. We must take a step back from the conversation of money to gain some perspective on ultimately what we really want as people. Real wealth is really about a lifestyle. It’s about having the means to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. 

Join us today as we discuss what you need to do to stabilize abundance so that you may focus on the things in life that truly matter!

Key Takeaways:

  • How money contributes to building a life that you love (03:40)
  • Wealth is really about lifestyle (08:50)
  • What happens when you pursue the wrong form of wealth (15:50)
  • The first thing to do is stabilize abundance (19:20)
  • Moving towards the true purpose of life (23:30)
  • How to get to a place of abundance (27:40)