How To CREATE Money – Interview With Alison J. Prince

June 4, 2020

This episode of the Rise up & Live Free Podcast is certainly a special one. Ryan had the pleasure of speaking with an accomplished entrepreneur, Alison J Prince. Today’s episode is all about creating a life that you love. Alison has done that and more and spends her days teaching other entrepreneurs how they can do the same.

If you’ve been struggling with the reality of your income just not being enough then this interview is one you don’t want to miss. Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur, business owner, or just starting a side hustle we’re covering how you can create money by leveraging yourself! As we always say, you are your best investment.

Alison J Prince started her first business by selling items from around her house and now runs several multi-million dollar businesses. We’re talking about the broken system of earning money by trading time for dollars and exploring how Alison learned how to build wealth using creativity and the self-belief that she could do it!

How Alison J Prince Began Creating Money

One of the greatest impacts Alison has is spreading the belief that if she is capable of building a successful business than anyone is. But this belief didn’t materialize out of thin air. Alison had to work to build her mindset. And luckily the mental growth she committed to helped her create the four multi-million dollar businesses she owns today.

Alison started her journey on a very traditional career path. She went to college and became a teacher. Growing up she was taught the importance of job security and while teaching may not have been her dream job it was one she felt capable of excelling at. Turns out, she loved being a teacher! What she didn’t love were the paychecks. Life on a teacher’s salary was financially crippling. She and her husband had a new child to support while her husband went to school full time.

Alison J Prince realized she would need another job. She decided to start tutoring on the side to help bring some extra income to their household. Alison decided to start an LLC for her tutoring business and picked up a full set of clients quickly. Suddenly all of her extra time was filled to the max. She was grateful for the extra income but struggling over lost time with her new baby.

Trading her time for money was not the solution she was looking for. Alison decided to hire other teachers to tutor as she handled logistics. It began to all click as she began to see herself make income through leveraging. Her earnings were small but she developed the self-belief that she could create money.

Launching An Online Business For the First Time

“Stepping into business means moving into fear.”- Alison J Prince

Moving ahead a few years, Alison decided to finally dive into entrepreneurship. She had another baby and was again looking for ways to increase her income. As soon as the desire cropped up again she set out to answer her burning questions. She would go to the library to look up whatever she could and constantly would come across articles and books about entrepreneurship.

As a little kid, Alison J Prince remembers thinking she never wanted to be an entrepreneur. But when she saw an article about e-commerce her interest sparked. The idea that she could make money through selling products and doing it anywhere in the world was incredibly appealing.

The thought of e-commerce business was fresh on her mind but Alison wasn’t sure how to move forward with the idea. She didn’t have the capital to hold a lot of inventory so she chose to be resourceful. Her first product was scrap vinyl that she had laying around the house. She decided to list it online and used Pinterest to link tips on what potential buyers could do with it.

On her first day of sales, she earned $200. From there she was hooked!

Why Transforming Your Mindset Is Essential

“The life that you want is a lot closer than you think.”- Ryan D. Lee

That first day of publishing was a catalyst to a complete mindset shift. At the time of launching her first business, Alison had four young children. The only time she had for her business was at five in the morning. Her business was not instantly successful.

Alison had several hurdles and obstacles to overcome but that first day of sales gave her the confidence that she could do it. What propelled her through the obstacles was her belief in her vision. In her mind’s eye, she knew her potential. Through the obstacles, she held onto the idea that she was capable of creating her success.

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