How to GET WEALTHY From the Coming Inflation

May 6, 2021

How to GET WEALTHY From the Coming Inflation

Brad and Jimmy talk about the coming inflation, how to prepare for it, and how can you GET WEALTHY from it.

America hasn’t seen significant inflation in decades at this point. However, that may change very soon. In the next 12 months, we’ll probably see prices jump across several sectors.

You can expect ordinary items like food, water, and cleaning products, to go up in price. Also, luxuries like plane tickets, hotel rooms, and car rental rates are expected to go back to their pre-pandemic prices. Naturally, inflation will affect your game plan.

But in what way?

For most people, this is the time to start playing preventive defense, concentrating on dangers that – if mismanaged – have the potential to grow into real threats.

Is this the time to protect your money simply out of fear of losing it all because of inflation? Absolutely not. You can’t play not to lose, you have to play to win.

Listen to our episode to find out the best way to create wealth in an inflationary environment.

Key Takeaways 

  • Introduction (00:00)
  • Is there going to be inflation soon (03:15)
  • How different people have different reactions to inflation (08:10)
  • The preventive defense won’t allow you to achieve financial freedom (11:03)
  • Why the fear of the US dollar collapsing doesn’t make any sense (14:56)
  • Use inflation to get wealthy and create financial freedom (18:05)
  • The difference between protecting assets and using inflation (23:54)
  • How to create wealth inside an inflationary environment (26:59)
  • Buying properties with loans and not cash (32:10)
  • The best way to fight inflation is not to be stagnant (37:31)
  • What can you learn from Cornelius Vanderbilt (42:23)
  • Our “Inflation to Wealth” workshop (44:52)

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