How To LIVE Your Hero’s Journey…

October 26, 2020


This week, Jimmy and Brad discuss a framework that almost every great story follows called “The Hero’s Journey”. At Cashflow Tactics, we believe it’s the reason we’re here. As humans, we are meant to overcome challenges and obstacles and evolve into better versions of ourselves. 

In this episode, we’ll breakdown how you can use this framework to accelerate your own journey to financial freedom. Brad and Jimmy explain the various stages of the hero’s journey and give examples in their own lives on how they rose from rock bottom. The hero’s journey was a consistent theme that continued to resonate and come up over and over again from those who attended our Rise Up LIVE event, and we wanted to extend the opportunity for you all to apply those lessons learned so you can overcome whatever obstacles cross your path!

Key Takeaways:

  • Recap of our live event (02:20)
  • The beginning of the hero’s journey (07:00)
  • Comparing the stages of the journey to Lord of the Rings (11:15)
  • Jimmy’s rock bottom (16:05)
  • Examples of various heroes in the abyss (19:05)
  • Why people don’t get the results they want (30:26)