How to Make it Rain – An interview with Russell Brunson

May 14, 2020

In this episode of the Rise Up & Live Free podcast Ryan had the pleasure of interviewing an inspiration and mentor of CashFlow Tactics, Russell Brunson. Like most businesses, Ryan and Brad had trouble launching in the early days of their company. They were proud of their framework and knew that their mission was an important one but they struggled to get it off the ground.

After sinking money into various marketing agencies that offered little results, Ryan knew they would need to try a different approach. He discovered Russell’s book, DotCom Secrets, and decided on a whim to fly out to the Funnel Hacking Live event. Ryan and Brad were introduced to a whole new way to approach marketing.

For the past five years the guys have been a part of Russell’s Inner Circle and in that time have watched their business grow exponentially. Today, Russell is sharing some secrets he has learned along the way. With his new book, Traffic Secrets, find out why garnering traffic is the key to wealth building and how you can use the same ideology in your investment strategy.

And stay tuned to learn why the best investment you will ever make is in yourself!

How Russell Brunson Discovered Entrepreneurship

Russell developed the bug for entrepreneurship at a young age. At twelve years old he saw his first infomercial where he learned about leverage.

A few years later at his first job as a teenager, he realized the stark disadvantage he was at for having to trade his time for money. He knew that wasn’t a lifestyle he wanted to get comfortable in.

As he continued down the path, Russell was proving to be a master of the trade. He was a pioneer in internet marketing back when most people were still relying on a dial-up connection to browse the web. Russell would spend time in direct marketing groups trying to learn as much as he could. He knew that the principles were the same and that it would just be up to him to make it work in a digital landscape.

Along the way, Russell Brunson discovered his why. He reached his goal of financial freedom to realize that money for the sake of money wasn’t fulfilling. The spark that inspires him every day is his ability to help others. Through his passion, he can change the lives of other people.

How a Traffic Based Strategy Helped Build CashFlow Tactics

“The only difference between a one million dollar funnel and a hundred million dollar funnel is how many people you dump into it.” – Russell Brunson

CashFlow Tactics wouldn’t be where it is today without the help of the ClickFunnels ideology. When it came to funnel building the guys had to internalize what it meant to create a successful funnel. Yes, part of it was wanting to get attention to their business. They had been working hard and felt that everything they were learning could be an asset to others.

Once they uncovered all the layers, Brad, Ryan, and Jimmy realized they had created a movement. It was more than just individuals learning to diversify their incomes. Instead, they wanted to create a community that sought out total financial freedom. And they had the confidence that they were the vessel to get people there.

Russell Brunson’s Advice on Creating Alternative Streams of Income

Building wealth is directly tied to one’s ability to produce. The insight they gained from Russell Brunson’s latest book, Traffic Secrets taught them the importance of getting people to find you. They truly wouldn’t be where they are now without that knowledge.

If you’re new to entrepreneurship or looking to build multiple streams of income then Russell has some great advice for your next steps. Oftentimes, people get stuck in their business ventures because they don’t have the traffic to sustain themselves. They start to believe that their business model is a failure and should throw in the towel and find something else to do.

But this isn’t necessarily true.

“If the wealth is shifting, then you’ve got to shift.” – Russell Brunson

The world is rapidly changing and evolving. Small businesses need to be able to keep up with the ever-shifting tides. If you’re noticing a lack of traffic it doesn’t mean that you no longer have a customer base. It means that they’ve shifted.

It’s your job to find out where they went and how you can appeal to them from where they’re at. It takes increasing your skillset.

And because we needed to know. We asked Russell what financial freedom means to him.

His answer resonates with us all. He says financial freedom gives him the security and stability to continue to create, take risks, and to be free to play with whatever ideas you’ve been keeping on the back burner.

If you’re looking to take the next step towards financial freedom then head over to the Cashflow Tactics Community and join us on the path!