How To UNIFY Your Game Plan With Your Spouse

September 17, 2020

Unify your gameplan with your spouse

Is your spouse involved in your Game Plan? If not, what’s the resistance and hold up? In this episode, Brad and Ryan went LIVE inside the CashFlow Tactics community to discuss how to unify your Game Plan with your spouse and the power that comes from doing that.  

A lot of people think of financial freedom as a destination. They struggle to scrimp and save in the hopes that one day it will all pay off. The truth is, financial freedom is a lifestyle. It is a way you live today, tomorrow, and the next day. That means for it to work, you MUST be in alignment with your spouse. 

Join us as we discuss the steps needed to create a shared vision and start building together. Freedom begins now, and we’ll help you take that first step!

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you must adapt to a new lifestyle (3:18)
  • Our company and community is built on our failures (5:26)
  • The horizon effect (8:48)
  • How to create alignment (11:57)
  • How we use our vision (16:13)
  • The importance of building together (19:32)
  • Don’t think restrictively (20:36)
  • Give yourself permission to be free (22:45)
  • Breakthroughs we’ve had with couples in our community (31:10)