Return on Investment vs. Return of Attention

April 16, 2020

The mission behind what we do is to empower you to build a life that truly matters. In doing so, we aim to give you the means to analyze money as a tool to not only grow your wealth but to encourage living financially free.

In the previous episode, Ryan and Jimmy laid the groundwork for a financial game plan that produces results. The plan consists of a series of ninety day targets to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

Amazing things begin to happen when you start to follow an organized and outlined plan. The road ahead starts to clear as you build momentum and traction. But human nature has a funny way of veering into the extremes and it is no different when on the path to financial freedom.

Maybe you’re finally starting to see some success and that rush is causing you to be obsessed with your new found results. Well, we’re here to shift that scale back in balance because true freedom doesn’t live at either end of the spectrum.

So, let’s jump into how you can barrel towards your goals while still keeping everything in perspective.

What Ryan Sacrificed for ROI

What are you willing to give up to hit your targets? We’ll let you in on a secret. It shouldn’t be your happiness. Ryan had to learn this lesson the hard way. He was so focused on the importance of return on investment that he lost focus on what truly mattered. Hopefully, his story will keep you from making the same mistake.

After establishing his game plan and beginning to see the fruits of his effort, Ryan became obsessed with his results. Suddenly, every minor expense in his life began to threaten all of his hard work. He was so hyper focused on the outcome that he was losing sight of his day to day.

For several years his wife tried to put up with his tireless efforts. Afterall in his mind he was doing all of this for the future of his family. But at what cost? The costs became painfully clear when his wife forced him to realize he was missing out on valuable time with his family.

His children were growing up before his eyes and all he could think about was crossing off the boxes of his game plan. His relationship with his wife was strained due to his laser eye focus and he finally began to see that he needed to make a change.

It didn’t matter that he was on a fast track to accomplishing big goals. His life was happening now and he was missing out on it.

The Lifestyle Vault

After coming to the harsh reality of all the moments he was missing out on, Ryan and his wife set out to make things right. They were both still committed to reaching their financial goals but it was clear it wasn’t worth letting go of living in the present moment.

They knew there had to be a happy medium and that’s how they came up with a system that allowed them to prioritize their happiness. Ryan and his wife began to set aside money into what they call the Lifestyle Vault. This vault allowed them to budget for vacations, family outings, and the simple pleasures that help make life extra sweet.

Once they began to do this something amazing started to unfold. Ryan noticed the more he focused on investing in a life that mattered today he was rewarded with greater intention and fuel to sustain his financial plan.

“Living wealthy along the way reinforces who you’re becoming.”- Ryan D. Lee

The Reality of Traditional Financial Advice

CashFlow Tactics is built on the principle that no one else is going to care more about the success of your financial plan than you. In order to reach the financial success you’re looking for, you need to be in control of your investments. While we believe in the importance of return on investment, it isn’t the only thing that matters.

At the time of this publication, we are in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. All it takes is one look at the news to see how financially devastating this time is for so many people. The future is looking frighteningly uncertain for those who have their investments tied up in the stock market.

People who have been building wealth for years are losing it in a matter of weeks. This is a lesson that your focus should never be on how to do better in the market. Instead, it should be how to gain control over your money. Money is the tool you’ll use to buy your time back. That can’t happen if you’re crossing your fingers and just hoping for the best.

“Sacrifice a little ROI to up your ROA.” – Jimmy Vreeland

What It Means to Live a Life That Matters Now

Ryan, Jimmy, and Brad have dedicated themselves to living in the present. It takes a series of small changes to lead to big impact. And that is something they aim to do daily.

If you can commit to living wealthy along the way, you’ll be rewarded with the internal motivation to keep going after your goals. It will give you the courage to keep going back to your financial plan and staying on track without deferring your freedom .

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