Investing in Mistake Free Real Estate with Marck De Lautour

April 5, 2021

Investing in mistake free real estate

From the outside looking in, the real estate business probably seems intimidating. There are a lot of things you need to become a successful investor. There’s even more that can go wrong. 

What if the house you’re purchasing has a bad foundation? What if it’s termite-infested? What if your tenants don’t want to pay? While many barriers prevent people from entering it, the real estate industry as a whole is actually a very safe vehicle. 

Just ask our today’s guest, Marck de Lautour.

Who’s Marck De Lautour? Well, Marck is a real estate investor, successful business owner, author, and more importantly, a really great guy. He has mentored many business people over the years, including our very own Jimmy Veerland. 

Listen to our latest episode in which Jimmy and Marck discuss what it takes to be a solopreneur, how he successfully flipped over 1,500 homes, how his company manages almost 600 rental properties, and when did he find the time to write a book. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Who is Marck De Lautour (1:53)
  • Marck’s book “Mistake Free Real Estate” and reading recommendations (6:08)
  • The biggest mistake would-be real estate investors make (12:49)
  • Why it pays off to have patience as an investor (18:26)
  • How bad property management can kill a good property (23:08)
  • Marck’s advice to turnkey buyers in 2021 (28:22)
  • How can you learn more about Marck de Lautor (34:39)