Living On Purpose With Brandon Steiner

November 30, 2020

Living on purpose

“If not you, then who?” 

Today Ryan interviews best-selling author Brandon Steiner about achieving extraordinary results, living life on purpose, and understanding faith.

You might know Brandon Steiner from Steiner Sports, the iconic sports marketing and memorabilia company. As a lifelong entrepreneur, he is a wealth of insight when it comes to business operations and what it means to create a living legacy.

Ryan and Brandon discuss his upbringing, the lessons he’s learned from his mother, and imparts his wisdom on why cash flow is so important. 

Tune into this week’s episode for the dose of inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Key Takeaways:

  • Diving into Brandon’s background (03:30)
  • A business lesson from his mother (07:20)
  • We are the only species that can improve (13:00)
  • Ask yourself this! (17:50)
  • One of his big breaks (23:55)
  • The importance of cashflow(31:00)
  • We’re all better together than we are apart (37:20)