Marriage And Money

February 25, 2021

Marriage and money

In this episode, Ryan and Jimmy recap their “Marriage and Money” training and how to chase financial freedom alongside your spouse.

We all dream big with our spouses at the beginning of a relationship. But as the years go by and career shifts happen and children are born, it can be challenging to stay aligned on the goals you both were once so excited about.

Today, Ryan and Jimmy are sharing the stories of how they each got in tune with their spouses, even with differing approaches to money. They offer tips and advice on how you can do the same!

There is so much power in knowing what you want and having the support to get there. We want you and your spouse to experience the same to be sure to tune into this week’s episode and check out our upcoming course on marriage and money.

Key Takeaways:

  • Dreaming big with your spouse (03:00)
  • Different approaches to money (10:30)
  • How Ryan and Jimmy got aligned (18:40)
  • What happens when you know what you want (25:30)
  • Upcoming course to help you get aligned (35:00)