There Are No Straight Lines When Starting A Business

May 7, 2020

Mapping your path to financial freedom is an exhilarating and exciting discovery. We know firsthand how motivating it is to have set targets and an achievable gameplan. Starting a business in the real estate industry is especially rewarding. But we always like to give a word of caution to those new to the journey.

One big misconception that we see over and over again is the belief that once you accomplish X goal or Y goal then life will be perfect. A lot of people naively believe that once they learn the fundamentals and get on track that the road ahead will be smooth sailing. Let us spill a secret. It won’t be.

The path to financial freedom is possible but it is not a straight path. Sometimes in the moments when you feel most on-point, a hurdle will crop up that you’ll need to maneuver around. But it’s important to remember that life happens for you, not to you! CashFlow tactics will help you with the path but you must become the person capable and willing to walk it.

The Hero’s Journey When Starting a Business

Several books inspire us here at CashFlow Tactics but one, in particular, does a great job of illustrating what it’s like to embark on the road towards financial freedom. We’re talking about Principles by Ray Dalio. There is often a formulaic nature to life and to charge ahead and take action we have to be aware of the process.

“You achieve wisdom by taking action”- Ryan D. Lee

When starting on any new journey we are invigorated by the thought of accomplishing whatever goal we’ve set. It’s an exciting time. We’ve detailed a plan and believe we see the road that lies ahead. And for the most part, it may be pretty clear. But we’re doing ourselves a great disservice if we allow ourselves to think that life won’t step in and derail us in some way.

Everyone will have to enter the abyss at some point or another. It’s when we realize the journey is more difficult than we imagined. It is in those moments where we have to make a choice. We can choose to be a victim of our circumstances and believe that attaining financial freedom is just too hard or that it’s not for us. Or we can decide to push through and come out on the other side.

If you decide to claim your power and work through the challenges that arise then you’ll be rewarded with an improved version of yourself that is equipped to take on the next leg of your journey.

Jimmy Becomes a Different Person

“Run to the uncertainty instead of away from it”- Jimmy Vreeland

Failure and missteps are required to become the person we want to be. To achieve the goals we have to go through the refiner’s fire. Jimmy can certainly attest to this very notion. Like many of us, several of his journeys began with an almost child-like naivete.

While he was serving in the U.S. Army Jimmy had a vision of attaining a Ranger tab. He had this nice dream that it would make him look like a total badass and that the girls would love him for it. What he didn’t take into consideration was the hell he would have to go through in getting it. Suddenly, he was thrust into more dangerous situations and was held to a higher level of expectation. He didn’t mentally prepare for those parts but what he did find was his growth not only offered him more opportunity but it made him more capable. He became a better and stronger person for it.

Starting a Business is Comparable to Battle

Jimmy expected for life in the civilian world to feel much safer than what he had just experienced. Like many other business owners can attest to, that is simply not the case.

In some ways, starting a business is a lot like a battle. There is a common misconception that there is such a thing as passive income. There isn’t.

Even in real estate investing there is a high level of work required to get your business running and keep it sailing smoothly. That’s why we stand so firmly in our mission statement. You decide how successful you’re going to be. That’s why we call it rising up. It is an action and a principle.

There are going to be many challenges on the road to living free. Prepare for them. The key to becoming successful is becoming the person who is capable of overcoming the obstacles. It is developing the resilience needed to prosper.

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